How it works

Learn about our process.

3 easy steps

Learn about the 3 easy step processes before you start your pre-IPO investment journey with us. We at Iron Edge VC value your trust along with your safety that is why we ensure that these procedures are not just easy but also trouble-free and secured.


YOUR IRON EDGE REPRESENTATIVE. Our team of private securities specialists, compliance and research will evaluate and qualify you as an accredited investor. They will also make sure that you are thoroughly informed about your options and our offers.


TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF.You will have to complete signing the online required questionnaire, tax form and other simple administrative documents in some cases through the link that we will provide you. Afterwards, you will also have to submit the required identification forms for “Know Your Customer” that includes customer identification, customer due diligence and enhanced due diligence, and “Anti-Money Laundering” that typically involves placement, layering and integration. For subsequent investments, a signature page will be required.


FUND YOUR INVESTMENT.Providing your Capital Commitment is a must to fulfill your pre-IPO investment. With our easy instructions for wiring or check submission procedures, you can now secure your place in an exclusive group of pre-IPO shareholders.

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Secure Assets

Your security is our moral and legal duty, that’s why we are with you every step of the way.

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Built in Relationships

At Iron Edge, we pride ourselves in building lasting partnerships with different types of investors and pre-IPO companies.

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High Potential Returns

Iron Edge VC gets you first-line access to the world-changing innovations of the future that leads to greater venture opportunities.