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What is Impossible Foods?

Impossible Foods Inc., founded in 2011 by Patrick O. Brown and headquartered in Redwood City, California, USA, is a private company that manufactures plant-based alternatives to animal products such as meat, dairy, and fish.

 They aim to provide consumers the same taste enjoyment that they get from animal products, but with more nutritional benefits but fewer negative health and negative environmental implications. These products restore biodiversity by reducing the need to create food from animals and helping to minimize climate change. Their products are popular not only with vegans, but also with health-conscious people and environmentalists, because they use 96 percent less land, 87 percent less water, and emit 89 percent fewer greenhouse gases.

Their most popular product, the Impossible Burger, was introduced in 2016 as a result of years of research and development. Impossible Whoppers were developed in collaboration with Burger King, America's second largest burger chain, and were first sold nationwide way back 2019.

Impossible Foods Inc. Pre-IPO

Impossible Foods Inc. prepares to go public which could value the company at 36.7 billion AED or more within the next 12 months after April 2021, either through conducting an IPO or through a special purpose acquisition company or SPAC, according to Reuters. However, going public via IPO or SPAC is “subject to market conditions,” and Impossible Foods may decide to raise another round of private funding instead of going public.

According to AgFunder, Impossible Foods was one of the most well-funded agricultural food technology startup companies in the world last year, raising a total of 2.57 billion AED in two rounds from investors that included a number of celebrity backers. As of 2021, Impossible Foods’ valuation is expected to be around 36 billion AED.

But before they go public, is it worth investing in Impossible Foods pre-IPO? According to a study commissioned by the company, sales of plant-based meat substitutes surpassed sales of animal-derived meat, with 78 percent of sales from other plant-based and animal-based meat shifted from Impossible Burger sales, with 92 percent of that percentage shifting away from animal meat to Impossible Burger.

But that’s not all, as according to a report in Nielsen, the grocery sales of plant-based meat had risen by 264% by 2020, considering the shortage of animal products in stores and people being aware of the problems with the animal agriculture system. 

So Impossible Foods has announced that the demand for the Impossible Burger has accelerated its retail growth, and given that Impossible Foods only began with 150 stores into more than 20,000 stores, including more than 1,700 Kroger-owned grocery stores across the US, while the company continues to supply various restaurants such as Qdoba, White Castle, Burger King and many more large restaurants, these indeed represent a significant increase for them. 

So if you wonder if investing in Impossible Foods pre-IPO is worthwhile, let all of the above records speak for themselves. The exciting news is we can help you invest in Impossible Foods pre-IPO even if you live outside of the United States or even if you are in Dubai!

Impossible Foods Inc. Management:

  • Patrick Brown (CEO & Founder)
  • Rachel Konrad (Chief Communications Officer)
  • Dennis Woodside (President)
  • Nick Halla (SVP, International)
  • Dana Wagner (Chief Legal Officer)
  • Brian Miller (Chief People Officer)
  • Jessie Becker (SVP, Marketing)
  • John D. York (Chief Science Officer)