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What is Orbital Insight

Orbital Insight is a global pioneer in geospatial analytics and location intelligence, assisting businesses in gaining a better understanding of global events as well as various human activities. 

Orbital Insight uses artificial intelligence (AI) to answer questions about global commodities, geopolitical events, demography, and national security, using a variety of geospatial data sources, such as satellite images and mobile location data from mobile phones and linked vehicles. Organizations are able to forecast different types of market trends based on this information, helping them avoid sudden and costly business disruptions while also creating new opportunities.

Algorithms developed by the firm count and measure everything in the world: cars, trucks, boats, clouds, haze, lakes, land, buildings, and even oil tankers. Its data may, for example, count the number of vehicles in a parking lot to give interested parties with information on the performance of a certain retail shop.

The company gained widespread attention when they teamed up with the World Bank to enhance the accuracy of its poverty statistics. Orbital Insight observes the earth from above and uses satellite pictures to teach computers how to calculate things like population and economic development indicators.

Why Invest in Orbital Insight IPO

Orbital Insight completed a £36 million Series D investment in November of this year, the company reported. With Sequoia Capital and Clearvision Ventures as co-leads, the financing round also included new investors Invicta Growth and Bunge Ventures Ltd. as well as Chevron Technology Ventures. GV, Geodesic Capital, SKY Perfect JSAT, Intellectus Partners, and Lux Capital are among the returning investors. Due to recent investment from these prestigious investors, Orbital Insight is well-positioned to expand its enterprise software market share among major multinational companies.

When the business released its Orbital Insight GO platform in May 2019, it saw a spike in demand from customers looking for trustworthy geospatial data to rapidly, correctly, and affordably evaluate infrastructure and supply networks, as well as commodities and regions of national security concern. 

In addition, Orbital Insight has formed strategic partnerships with companies like Airbus to provide strong change analysis and insights for Airbus Defense and Intelligence clients along with them. Leading financial services businesses, Global 2000 enterprises, as well as numerous U.S. government agencies and international non-profit organisations, all have confidence in the product today.

Over the course of five financing rounds, Orbital Insight has amassed a total of £93 million in funding. Series D financing came to them on November 12th, 2019, and it's the company's most recent round of capital.
There are 22 investors in Orbital Insight. The most notable are Chevron Technology Ventures and Sequoia Capital.

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