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What is Skykick?

Todd Schwartz and Evan Richman founded SkyKick in 2011 as a cloud management software company that helps businesses relocate, backup, and manage their technological services globally. SkyKick adds extra security to Office 365 data, allowing them to easily restore all valuable information in case of accidental data loss.

Although most files can be restored, it will take several days before they can be fully recovered, resulting in lost time and business interruptions, or in the worst case, permanently lost data, which could cause significant damage to a company.

So SkyKick helps those businesses get rid of their worries and get out of such a problem by providing Cloud Backup, which allows data restoration to take only minutes. It provides unlimited Office 365 backup at a low cost. In short, SkyKick is a savior for businesses, allowing them to stop worrying about losing important files.

Why Invest in Skykick IPO

SkyKick, the cloud management software company, aims to prioritize catering the small-to-medium-sized businesses or SMBs. Nonetheless, it reached the total valuation of 248 million AED, and it is said to have an annual revenue of around 136 million AED, while it raised approximately 147 million AED. That's a huge amount for a company aiming for SMBs, indeed! 

But that's not all, Skykick is now used by over 20,000 company partners worldwide to accelerate their cloud business. Those IT partners even ranked Skykick as the best Office 365 vendor, citing Skykick's high reliability in terms of partner profitability, risk reduction, overall quality, and ease of use.

Because of the pandemic, more and more SMB employees are being advised to work from home, increasing the demand for dependable and secure cloud storage. 

Skykick is still a privately held company, and its stock cannot be purchased on the open market. But we can give you access to purchasing Skykick Pre-IPO stocks. So invest in Skykick now and take advantage of the fact that their product is currently in demand and on its way to becoming well-known.

Skykick’s Management Team

  • Evan Richman (Co-Founder & Co-CEO)
  • Todd Schwartz (Co-Founder & Co-CEO)
  • Brad Younge (Co-Founder & CTO)
  • Jenny Trebing (Partner Development Executive)
  • Somvong Dill (Partner Development Executive)
  • Stacey Gardella (Director of Engineering - Agile)
  • Gerard Doeswijk (Technical Director & Data Protection Officer)
  • Jason Hilton (Director of Marketing - Demand Gen)