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Virgin Hyperloop One Pre-IPO

Virgin Hyperloop One is a transportation technology company based in Los Angeles, California, United States, founded by Josh Giegel way back June 1, 2014. They are working to commercialize Hyperloop, a futuristic high-speed rail transportation system concept, by developing technology and systems that transports passengers in pods that can travel up to 760 mph (1220 km/h) through vacuum tube train, also known as vactrain. 

Virgin Hyperloop One is one of the private companies leading the development of the aforementioned technology; in fact, they have successfully conducted their first ever test with two human passengers in the desert of Las Vegas, Nevada. It was the world's first successful test of a super high-speed system with actual human passengers.  As a result of that significant milestone, they stimulated the interest of a large number of people, including a lot of investors!

Why Invest in Virgin Hyperloop Pre-IPO?

Virgin Hyperloop One is working to commercialize the hyperloop transportation technology that was first published in 2013 by a joint team of Tesla and SpaceX engineers. According to Craft, their valuation has currently reached more than 2.5 billion AED. Can you imagine how they went from raising 32 million AED for their Series A funding round in June 2015 to a whopping 632.5 million AED for their most recent funding rounds? 

Since 2014, they have consistently distinguished themselves among all other companies working to commercialize hyperloop technology. Not to mention that Virgin Hyperloop One is the only company in the world to have successfully tested hyperloop technology with passengers.

Virgin Hyperloop One made history on their own, which is why, according to Crunchbase, over 80 investors have already purchased Hyperloop stock. It's wise to take advantage of this opportunity before they conduct their IPO and set another record in history, as they did previously.

Virgin Hyperloop Executive and Key Members

  • Josh Giegel (Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder)
  • Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem (Chairman of the Board)
  • Raja Narayanan (Chief Financial Officer)
  • Steve Hobart (Senior Vice President of Engineering)
  • Harj Dhaliwal (Managing Director - Chief Financial Officer's Office)
  • Erin Kearns (Senior Vice President of Operations)
  • Diana Gonzalez (Vice President of Accounting & Finance)
  • Ryan Kelly (Vice President of Marketing and Communications)
  • Josh Raycroft (Vice President of Business Strategy)
  • Dennis Reinhold (Interim General Counsel)
  • Brian Gaumer (Vice President of Core Engineering)
  • Sébastien Vigneron (Vice President of Product Development Engineering)