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What is Zipline?

Founded in 2014, Zipline is a California-based automated logistics Drone delivery startup firm that designs, manufactures, and operates unmanned drones, logistics software, and the accompanying launch and landing system to transport products. 

The company's objective is to give everyone on the planet immediate access to essential medical supplies. In order to make it possible, Zipline has assembled an extraordinary team to produce the world's fastest, most efficient, and most reliable delivery drone, as well as the world's largest autonomous logistics network!

Zipline first made a name for themselves when they began delivering medical supplies such as blood, vaccines, life-saving medications, and other essential supplies to those in need using autonomous electric drones across Africa—Rwanda in 2016 and Ghana in May 2019—and in less than a year, Zipline had reached 2,000 hospitals, covering 12 million people. Today, Zipline has now spread to many other countries around the world.

Why Invest in Zipline?

As the pandemic emerged, Zipline, one of the largest and best-known drone delivery companies in the world, had been working for years to deliver lightweight medical supplies that can carry up to 3.9 lbs in nearly 50 miles in Rwanda and Ghana, which is why policymakers became even more willing to accommodate delivery drones in their airspace than authorities in the United States, the European Union, and other larger nations. 

When the pandemic began, they expanded even further due to their collaboration with Pfizer and other partners. In fact, Keller Rinaudo, the CEO of Zipline, stated in a June 2021 interview that the company had delivered more than 2.6 million CoViD-19 vaccine doses, primarily those that do not require specific temperatures, such as the Astra-Zenica vaccine in Ghana, and they are planning to deliver 2.4 million more within this year. 

Rinaudo stated that the pandemic has significantly accelerated all of their timelines and that they need to be making big investments as opportunities are getting bigger as more and more health systems count on Zipline, That is why, in their most recent funding round this year, they raised more than 900 billion AED to build more hubs, warehouses, and inroads in the United States, Africa, and Nigeria. The company was valued at 10.1 billion AED as a result of this.

 It is expected that Zipline will continue to expand during the pandemic. Rinaudo stated that they are currently primarily focused on providing healthcare products, but they intend to expand even further to deliver other products. Consider how bigger they'd get!

Zipline CEO and Key Executive Team

  • Keller Rinaudo (Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Board Member)
  • Liam O'Connor (Chief Operating Officer)
  • Keenan Wyrobek Ph.D (Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer, Board Member, Head of Product and Engineering and Product Architect)
  • David Wong (Group Financial Controller)
  • Maggie Jim (Head of Finance)