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What is ZocDoc

ZocDoc is a digital health platform that helps people locate doctors online and schedule appointments with them. By using the company's platform, which has a well-established network and system, patients are able to book doctor's or dentist's appointments instantly, make informed decisions based on verified reviews, and stay on top of checkups with personalised reminders. This makes healthcare more accessible, simple, and enjoyable for everyone.

For a long time, Zocdoc was the leading provider of online appointment scheduling for physicians' visits. Zocdoc, on the other hand, quickly altered their market when the pandemic increased telehealth usage significantly. Because of its success in telehealth, the business has become an unique digital health platform that enables hybrid care, which includes both in-person and virtual services. Zocdoc is well positioned to become the first point of contact for healthcare by collecting millions of face-to-face and video visit appointments across a national provider network.

It was reported that at the end of the first week since its telehealth launch, more than 20% of all Zocdoc bookings were for virtual appointments, with around 30% of video visit bookers being first-time Zocdoc customers.

Zocdoc has also incorporated third-party telehealth services to assist patients in finding on-demand or planned treatment in a single location via the use of telehealth providers. PlushCare and Amwell's collaborations with NewYork-Presbyterian and Houston Methodist are among the integrations available.

Now is the Best Time to Invest in ZocDoc IPO

The telehealth market is booming. 

A prominent worldwide investment company that specialises in collaborating with technology companies, Francisco Partners, invested £108 million in ZocDoc in February 2021. Following a historic year for the business, which saw a successful shift to a lucrative variable revenue model, the company is now seeing rapid expansion. 

Before the pandemic, Zocdoc's revenue increased by over 35% year over year, and it continued to rise year over year in 2020 despite the interruption caused by COVID-19. Currently, Zocdoc has a positive net income and is on pace to reach even greater heights than they were before the epidemic. The business plans to use the funds to accelerate its fast expansion by increasing its spending in sales and marketing and broadening the range of goods it makes accessible to customers.

The company's latest efforts have been a huge success, and Zocdoc's flexible pricing model is at the heart of that success. After starting in 2018, and now almost finished, it has allowed the business to reduce the entry barrier for providers, increasing the development of providers on its platform significantly. The move from a flat subscription plan to the current fee-per-booking approach. In the first states to adopt its new model, the company's healthcare provider network grew by 50%, and additional states are on a similar trend.

Additionally, Zocdoc's new business model has allowed it to make significant and long-term investments in its product line as well as in the company's technology, marketing, and advertising efforts. With over one million video visit appointments across 100 specialties, the business has rapidly become one of the biggest telehealth platforms in the nation.
PrivCo estimates Zocdoc's post-money value to be between £725 million and £7.2 billion as of February 12th, 2021.

ZocDoc CEO and Key Executive Team:

  • Oliver Kharraz (Chief Executive Officer & Founder)
  • Nick Ganju (Founder)
  • Scott Kim (President)
  • Netta Samroengraja ( Chief Business Officer)
  • Ketan Chaukar (VP of Business Development)